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  • continue the saga

    I can either have the mapped drives or full season list! When you fix one the other goes away. I was in error when I said it was solved.

    I rebooted both computers, both are PC Windows 10. No new updates for Sickrage, I think I'm on 9.0.72.

    They both seem to come and go, maybe it is on my end. I can't think of any settings that it could be.

    I just tried the other one. got no mapped drive, but good season list.
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    I guess I will just go with SickGear, since it somehow can do both at the same time. Neither SickRage can.

    Suddenly both SickRages break python in Raspbian lite, I don't feel like messing with it anymore.


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      Here is a weird thing: sickgear and sickrage on the same computer sickgear can see the mapped drives sickrage cannot. sickGear was installed 6/21/2016.
      Installed sickgear on another computer, it can't see the mapped drive. Copied the contents of the sickgear that can see it to the new installation. It still can't see the mapped drive.

      I would really rather use SickRAGE if someone can figure out why the mapped drive is not available. It must be something here, but only one install can see it. SickRAGE could see it for a few minutes last week.

      I can see and navigate the mapped drive in Windows file explorer.


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        we can setup a teamview session tomorrow if you like