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SiCKRAGE'S WebUI is undergoing a overhaul

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  • SiCKRAGE'S WebUI is undergoing a overhaul

    As of the past few days I've decided to overhaul the web interface for SR as its become stale and lacks eye candy and other things, I've started with making it responsive so that it can be viewed on anything from mobile devices to TV's and maintain its layout perfectly for the end-user. Along the way I'll be adding new icons in and making minor layout changes.

    Release for this I hope to have on develop branch within the next week if possible depending of course how much free time I can dedicate.

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    Web-UI overhaul has been completed and released to all branches, with these improvements made I've also fixed the long overdue UI slowness issues so now I can focus more on resolving the smaller issues as I have already been doing and you guys can get back to enjoying TV!

    If anyone has any suggestions for overall interface improvements I'm happy to take them all into consideration, thanks!