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  • uTorrent Label by show

    Since I have to seed my torrents, I cannot use post processing to move or rename my torrents. I must download the show to the correct folder right off the bat: TV/Show/Season/s01e01.mkv

    With uTorrent, I can have the completed file moved (and still seed) depending on the label.

    As it stands, there is only one Label sickrage can set for all show, I would suggest that the Label be moved to the show's Edit page where we could set a different Label for each show to reflect where we want to store these shows.

    uTorrent Label for Family Guy: TV\Family Guy\Season 16
    uTorrent Label for TBBT: TV\The Big Bang Theory\Season 11

    Ideally have the "Season SS" automatically populated based on the current season
    (The backslash means uT will create the folder if its missing)


    Still no current solution for full automatic downloading AND seeding with everything in the right folder.

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    Season SS ?