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9.0.10 - brand new DB, Add Existing Shows, not changing status after finding files

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    test what exactly? should I remove a show, and re-add it and see if the episodes get added back with the correct quality?


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      yes please, let me know how that works ...


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        Ok... so I removed a show where I have the following situation:

        Show Preferred Quality = 1080p

        Current Epsisode / Quailty breakdown:

        Season 1 Episodes = SDTV
        Season 2 Episodes = SDTV
        Season 3 Episodes = 720p WEB-DL (execpt for 2 episodes that are 1080p WEB-DL)
        Season 4 Episodes = 720p WEB-DL
        Season 5 Episodes = 1080p WEB-DL

        When I added it back to SR, the episodes were all added as follows:

        Season 1 Episodes = SDTV
        Season 2 Episodes = SDTV
        Season 3 Episodes = SDTV (execpt for 2 episodes that are 1080p HDTV)
        Season 4 Episodes = SDTV
        Season 5 Episodes = 1080p HDTV

        In summary:
        - all the SDTV episodes were correct re-scanned and tagged as SDTV
        - all 1080p WEB-DL episodes were correctly identified as 1080p, but HDTV instead of WEB-D
        - all the 720 WEB-DL episodes, when re-scanned, were incorrectly identified as SDTV.

        Does that help?


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          yes it does, i'll look further into this and see whats actually being checked to determine the quality as it could be checking height/width of the video file incorrectly, however I'm currently awaiting new server equipment to arrive so I've taken time off till it does so hoping to start working on SR come mid-month again


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            ok, thanks, let me know when you want me to test again with a new dev version.


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              just saw this still on the TODO list so will try and tackle this one tonight and have something for you to test


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                ok, cool, let me know!